My message

Hello, I’m Danny. Want to sleep more sound, think clearer, look healthier, feel better, kick bad habits, and quit your addictions? You came to the right spot. A ton of this blog is science-based and research-based. A lot of this blog is anecdotal. Let’s grow together, but always think for yourself.

Be a better version of you, each and every day.

My vision

So much emphasis is placed on confidence because that is what makes you more attractive in the social world. I am interested in showing men the specific ways in which they can genuinely become confident and really show their potential.

You can see the world in a new light, in all of its beauty

My background at a glance

As a medical provider, I see that there is much more to mental and physical health than what the books teach in school. Much of what I know is through my own personal endeavors, medical studies, and healthcare work experience. From my early years of being a paradoxical “straight edge” kid with a pornography addiction, to my medical experience managing patients with sexual and substance abuse disorders. I want to discuss what it truly means to be a healthy man, inside and out.