Why I am here now

As a passionate mentor, I strive to guide men towards a healthier mental and physical lifestyle. The key to achieving this is through determination, courage, self-awareness, discipline, and an unyielding desire to be the best version of oneself. That’s why I created this blog – to share the little things that are a big part of who I am, in the hope of inspiring others to embark on their own journey towards self-improvement.

I believe this space should be a limitless platform for connecting with all the wonderful people around the world, without any discrimination based on gender, race or religion. I may not have the fortune to meet each one of you in person, but I aspire that my life story will inspire you to create an incredible journey and write a beautiful ending to your own story.

My story

At 36 years of age, I saw the scariest thing I could ever imagine. Seeing myself in the mirror without a purpose in life. What did I do to get rid of this underlying feeling of anxiousness and uncertainty? I finally faced it, looked it straight in the eye, and tackled it head on. That is how I moved from a standard healthcare job and started to use a personal laptop to write blogs. I realized that the roots of who I was as a young man were not healthy. While I was a decade removed from my daily pornography addiction, I was far from sober. I was still stuck in my addiction to laziness, disorder, self loathing, low self esteem, and complacency for barely getting by in life.

My name is Danny. As a physician assistant (PA) and healthcare provider in the US healthcare system, I embarked on a life-changing journey in 2022. After struggling to recover from the emotional turmoil of losing my mother, I found myself stuck in a monotonous 9-5 work schedule with no sense of purpose. I realized that I needed more out of life and decided to take action. Now, I’m determined to make the most of my time and live a fulfilling life.

In 2023, my heart and mindset shifted in the most beautiful way possible. Fresh off my trip to Greece,
two of the most incredible weeks of my life, I was sad to return “home” to my full-time job in the United States. Back to the reality of work, the reality of working as a medical provider working in a broken healthcare system.

I often reflect on patients who are deep in their meth and alcohol addictions. These person are facing homelessness, worried that their pain would never go away, and afraid that their medications would no longer work. Working in healthcare, I find it challenging to have only 20 minutes to connect with each patient before moving on to the next. It often feels like a textbook definition of unfulfillment, which leads to burnout. My ultimate goal remains to be a mentor and help individuals become better human beings day in and day out. But I believe that even a brief interaction can have a profound impact on someone’s life, and I am committed to making the most of the time I have with each person.