How To “Be A Man”: Behaviors That Will Make You More Attractive [2024]

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How to become irresistible and attractive to everyone – the opposite sex, same sex, friends, foes, family, and potential partners alike. Whether you’re intrigued or repulsed by this topic, it’s impossible to ignore the societal expectations placed on men to be attractive. Self-taught and self-made, men must navigate the complexities of becoming the best version of themselves. They’re expected to lead at work, achieve financial success, initiate relationships, and provide for their families. In addition, they must possess emotional intelligence, spiritual fortitude, mental resilience, and physical prowess. Here are a few qualities that set an exceptional man apart from the rest.

#1 Be a do-er

Be a do-er. Be productive, hard working, and determined. Having things to do keeps you busy and and always trying to fulfill a purpose. Being boring is not want people find attractive. By being busy, people will miss you more and want to be a part of your life. Being a do-er means you are either a great planner or a spontaneous individual.

Take action. Be proactive, focused, and persistent. Staying engaged and pursuing your goals keeps your mind sharp and your spirit energized. Having things to do will keep you busy and give a sense of purpose. Dullness is not an attractive quality. By taking initiative, others will value your presence and seek to be involved in your life. Being a proactive individual means you have the skills to plan ahead or seize opportunities as they arise.

#2 Read, study, and learn

Broaden your horizons by exploring new hobbies and interests. Discover the wonders of different cultures, languages, and skills. Try your hand at fixing a car or home improvement, Having a diverse range of knowledge will expand your conversational repertoire and make you more engaging to others. And with curiosity comes charisma, a quality that is always in demand. By becoming more cultured and knowledgeable, you’ll have the ability to connect with a wide range of people.

#3 Stand up for what you believe in

It’s essential to stand up for your beliefs, but remember to do it in a rational and open-minded way. Your convictions aren’t necessarily true just because you believe in them. To be confident in your opinions, you need to be receptive to new ideas, listen to others, and learn from everything around you. A person who exudes confidence is one who has learned from their own life experiences and from the experiences of others.

#4 Be trustworthy

As men, we have a natural instinct to size each other up, especially when we encounter another male on the street. However, if we want to gain the trust of others, we need to break down this instinct. Start with a smile and good eye contact. Show some charisma and let your friendly demeanor speak for itself. When you wear a constant scowl, others are less likely to trust you. Remember that building trust starts with the little things.

#5 Iron your clothes and walk upright

Presenting yourself in a confident and polished manner is crucial in today’s society. Strive to make bold fashion choices that showcase your unique style and personality. Projecting confidence begins with a strong presence – stand tall and walk with purpose. It’s not just about impressing others; it’s about demonstrating your self-respect. Remember that society is constantly evaluating us, and it’s up to us to adapt and thrive. Be consistent in your appearance, ensuring that your inner self and public self are congruent. Remember, you are a force to be reckoned with – poised, confident, and unapologetically you.

Final thoughts

I strongly believe that there are many personality traits that contribute to the makeup of a great man. However, these five behaviors have consistently stood out to me among my male friends and family members who possess an unspoken aura of greatness. If you do not already possess these qualities, I urge you to start working on them. I understand that tapping into these qualities can be challenging, so I would love to hear about your experience and what obstacles you had to overcome. Remember, greatness is within reach for all of us. With dedication and effort, we can all strive to become the best versions of ourselves. I love all of you.

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